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Etiquette at Berkshire Hills
  1. If you are a member of the GHIN system, all scores must be posted.

  2. Maintain a proper pace of play. Keep the group in front of you in sight.

  3. Repair ball marks, replace divots, and rake bunkers.

  4. Please keep a distance of 30 ft from all tee complexes, green complexes, and bunkers with motorized golf carts.

  5. The backyards along the 3rd hole are private property.
    Please do not enter the yards to look for a ball as violation of this may result in the loss of playing privileges.

  6. Members are responsible for the conduct of their guests. This includes pace of play, dress, and behavior.

  7. Starting on the 10th tee can only be done with permission from the pro shop.

  8. Disruptive or argumentative behavior to any member of the staff will be referred to the board of directors.

  9. Proper dress code is required at all times and includes a collared shirt, shorts or slacks (no jeans), and all hats worn forward.

  10. There are no outside coolers permitted on the BHCC property.

Cart Rules:


1.     Keep Carts off of Green/Collar and Tee Surfaces

2.     Observe Cart control stakes and signage

3.     Keep carts at least 10 yards from the putting surface and park

      at least that far away in the rough.

4.   Parking carts in the approach should always be avoided

5.   When available carts should be driven on and parked on provided cart paths

6.  When using the practice range, path should be used all the way to range, no

     short cuts across 5 or 4th hole.

7.  The short stakes at the approach area should be obeyed, when a stake appears at

     both sides then carts can approach and park in the rough on either side of green         

     complex at a safe distance.  When a double stake appears at only one side, then all

     cart traffic should go to that side only.


Pull/Push Cart Rules:


1.      Push/pull carts should always be kept off of Tee, Collar and Green surfaces

       whenever possible, not always an option but should be encouraged.

2.     They should never be pulled/pushed through the bunkers.

Pace of Play
  1. All Rounds are expected to be completed in four hours

  2. No golfers can start their round on the tenth tee without permission from the pro shop

  3. Under no circumstances should golfers "jump out" in front of another group

  4. Two-Some's are NOT allowed on weekends until after 12:00 PM


Tee Time Policy
  1. Members can make tee times seven days in advance, except on Saturday, you may book times for the following Sunday.

  2. Members can book up to THREE tee times, no exceptions

  3. Members who do not cancel their tee times could be subject to penalty in future weeks

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